Increase conversions by targeting visitors

Targeter App is a website personalization and behavioral targeting platform. It's realtime and FREE.

+ = Target mobile phone users from certain location
+ = Give targeted deals to your visitors to increase sales
+ = Get valuable feedback about your product or service from targeted users
+ = Ask users from social media to retweet, like your social media presence.
  • Geotargeting
  • Target based on user behavior
  • No IT dependency
  • Everything is ready to use
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Plugins for WordPress, Magento & Drupal etc.
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For Marketers

Increase conversions by targeting visitors based on user behavior.

For eCommerce

Target your online visitors effectively to increase sales. Turn window shoppers into customers by showing targeted deals.

For Publishers

Monetize your content by targeting advertisements based on geography, interest and engagement pattern of the visitor.

For Developers

Test your features on a small section of users before making it live for everyone.

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